Wednesday, 21 September 2011

festival bits and bites

When we were sent home from work early this afternoon I thought this typhoon holiday was going to be the equivalent of a snow day.  Then the wind and rain started looking like legitimate threats and Tokyo is now being pummeled by the craziest storm I've seen around here!  So while my windows rattle and threaten to blow in, I'll distract myself with some pretty pictures taken over the last few weeks.

I wanted to share a few images from the Sri Lankan and Nepalese festivals at Yoyogi Park.  Though most of the offerings were meaty in nature, there are always vegan and vegetarian goodies to be found as well.  Next weekend, India will be taking over the event square, so come on an empty stomach! 

Lots of people were walking around drinking coconut water (juice?) straight from the source.

Spices!  Though this tent was baking hot, I rifled around this pile until I located some hard-to-find-in-Japan goodies.

There was tea everywhere at the Sri Lankan festival.  Boxed tea, loose tea, hot milk tea, iced tea... 

This baked samosa-like-morsel was called a 野菜ゴダンバ, or vegetable godamba.  A quick google search tells me that godamba is the name of the roti.  So delicious I had to go back for a second one.

Enjoying a cool shaved ice with mango and sweet condensed milk.

The day of the Nepalese festival was a scorcher so this watermelon smoothie hit the spot.

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