Sunday, 17 July 2011

見つけた!I found it!

A couple weeks ago, I posted about a natto vending machine I came across in Shimokitazawa.  I also mentioned a banana vending machine that I'd heard about, but never seen, that was said to exist somewhere in Shibuya station.  On Saturday, we were hunting for an English guide book for Taiwan (just bought tickets, hurray!) and stumbled upon said vending machine outside of a bookstore in an underground shopping area.  Coincidentally, this is a building I visit pretty often- my yoga studio is on the 5th floor but I've never ventured into the basement.  

At 130¥ per banana, and given that Japanese people don't really eat fruit as a snack, I doubt that they do a lot of sales.  I suspect that the banana vending machine is more of a conversation piece or an advertising vehicle for Dole (which I suppose is working if they have people blogging about it!).  Regardless, I think it's kind of clever.

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