Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tokyo Apartment Cafe

vegetarian friendly restaurant

This Saturday was baking hot, so after a few hours of shopping in Shibuya and Harajuku, nobody was in the mood to search out a new veggie friendly restaurant.  As we often do, A-chan and I headed to Tokyo Apartment Cafe on Omotesando.  I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into a vegetable and cheese panzerotti (630¥), so was a bit disappointed when we were told we had to choose from the limited lunch menu.  A quick scan of said menu revealed no vegetarian choices, but the server said I could order the ハーブたっぷりリーフサラダ (leaf salad with plenty of herbs, 700¥).  I do love the herb salad, which is huge and tossed in a zesty (definitely vegetarian and most likely vegan) vinaigrette, but I'll usually order it to share along with another dish.

Tokyo Apartment cafe boasts an extensive drink menu, with fancy cocktails, fancy blended cocktails (840¥), beer (577¥), wine (from 420¥ a glass), spirits, as well as coffees (from 472¥), teas, and a decent list of other soft drinks.  They also have some yummy looking desserts on display (from 367¥).    

Fitting with its おしゃれ (stylish) location on Omotesando, TAC's thoughtfully designed interior provides a cool ambiance for dining or chilling over drinks.  The concept, outlined by a floor plan on the wall close to the entrance, breaks this restaurant into various rooms of an apartment.  I always feel like sitting in the smaller rooms, like the couchy space straight in from the entrance (I'm guessing the living room?), but the nonsmoking section is the main room in front of the open kitchen.  One good thing about this space, (other than not having to struggle to breathe) is that it's a good spot for people watching, as you can see people strolling by on the sidewalk outside.


menu: Japanese only, but you can get pretty far if you can read katakana!

おすすめ / recommendation: ベジタブル チーズ (vegetable cheese) panzerotti,  ハーブたっぷりリーフサラダ (herb salad),  スパニッシュオムレツ ( Spanish omelette  682¥ - unlike most omelettes in Japan, it does not contain katsuodashi or meat extracts)

good points: convenient location, cool ambiance, yummy

bad points: limited vegetarian options, even worse for vegans, at lunch your only choice is the herb salad

how to get there: from Harajuku station on the Yamanote line, take the main entrance (marked as exit 2?) and head to the overpass in front of you.  Cross over the street and start heading down the hill.  You'll be on Omotesando, a major shopping street and will pass a Doutor coffee shop in the first block. Several blocks down, you'll see a subway exit, (exit 5 of Meiji Jingumae station on the Chiyoda line).  Tokyo Apartment Cafe is right in front of the subway exit.

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